Training Management Information System (TMIS)
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Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of india

About the Training Management Information System (TMIS)

TMIS is developed as a Government to Government (G2G) web based application which will facilitate monitoring and planning of skilled and trained health care providers. TMIS is visualized as a “Single Window” for all static database related to training i.e. documents related to trainings like training guidelines, training manuals, course content, training calendars, circulars and other relevant material and the Dynamic database which would capture all real time trainings, nominations, certificate generation, post training evaluation and post training deployment. The purpose of the TMIS is to have a centralized database of trained human resource to strengthen the public sector health delivery system. TMIS acts as a tool for:

  • Facilitating the gap analysis of trained and untrained health workforce.
  • Helping the policy makers in allocation of available Human Resource by rationalizing their deployment( Rational deployment of trained manpower)

  • Name Based Tracking of all the trainings an individual has gone through and required.

  • To enable user to preview, compare, modify and forward data to the next level based on authentication.

  • Online nomination mechanism. Quality in nomination mechanism by putting in-built eligibility criteria based on designation etc.

  • SMS alerts to the participants of training (scheduled) through TMIS

  • Online certificate generation for the real time trainings. Ensuring Quality trained batches based of pre and post evaluation marks

  • Instant availability of Facility (state/District) Profile

  • Ensuring Quality Trainers by selection of trainers from the pre-defined list

  • Ensuring Quality of Delivery points based on the criteria (No of deliveries in Delivery points as per the benchmark) mentioned in Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) Toolkit of MoHFW.

The software also provides more user-friendly functions and advanced tools, such as online certificate generation for the real time trainings, listing of “Trainers” based on the training type and thematic area, SMS alerts to the participants through TMIS as well as automatic statistics, report generation and visualized graphical presentation of training data.